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1.     Organization’s Name

Our organization formerly called as “Forum for Human Rights and Development” abbreviated as “FHRD” has got its current name “Center of Concern” which is abbreviated as “COC” in 2013. As the name of the organization imply, we believe that we are a center of excellence and institution where a collection of people who have in depth concern on any developmental issues, equitable welfare distribution and humanity.

2.     Establishment Purpose

COC is established in 2005 at regional (SNNPRS) level as forum for human rights and development and recently registered as Ethiopian Residents Charity Organization at Federal level, bearing a license number of 3160 for the purpose to contribute to the achievements of citizen driven socio economic development and more effective protection of vulnerable population in Ethiopia. 

3.     Mission, Vision and core values


The vision of Center of Concern is to see vulnerable and marginalized section of the community benefiting equitably from country’s resource and enjoying prosperous life.


The mission of Center of Concern is to alleviate the suffering of children, women, youth and families in the poorest communities through sustainable grassroots initiatives aimed at local empowerment, access to health services, educational opportunities, environment protection, and emergency services provision in an effort to fulfill basic human rights embracing a spirit of compassion and service to humanity.

Core values

    • The core values of Center of Concern are
    • Integrity
    • Accountability and Transparency
    • Commitment and Excellence
    • Non-discrimination on the basis of gender, race, religion, culture, disability, and health status

4.     Program Intervention Areas

The program intervention areas of COC are as follows:

    • Child Care and Support
    • Education
    • Health, HIV/AIDS prevention, PLHIVs Care and Support.
    • Women & Youth Empowerment
    • Natural Resource Management &Environment Protection
    • Food Security
    • Disaster Risk Reduction

5.     Geographical Coverage

While COC sees the need for its work in many areas of Ethiopia, it recognizes the need to build credibility and build impact working from a few selected woredas in SNNPR. During the next Five years it will work in the following regions of the country:

    • Southern Nations, Nationalities and Peoples Regional State;  
    • Benishangule Gumuz National Regional States;
    • Amhara National Regional State;
    • Oromia National Regional State and;
    • Dire Dawa City council.

6.     Target Groups

    • Women
    • Girls
    • Orphans and vulnerable children
    • PLHIVs
    • Executive and Judiciary branches of the Court
    • The poor  and marginalized groups, Vulnerable groups such as minorities or socially excluded
    • Pastoralists including nomadic groups
    • Youth
    • Aged people



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