Climate Change


This project in collaboration with UEWCA/FARM Africa/SIDA under implementation since June 2017 and will stay until December 2020. The project has an overall objective of contributing towards the actions being carried out to adapt the effects of climate variability with a particular focus of vulnerable and poor women. 

Specifically, the project aims in building the skills and knowledge of community members, farmers, women, government staffs, CBOs and NGOs on climate change and impact mitigation strategies, promoting climate resilient economic system with a particular focus vulnerable women and promoting natural resource management and conservation. 

This project is being implemented inSNNPR, Halaba Special Woreda in three rural kebels with the collaboration/participation of Halaba Special Woreda Finance & Economic Development Office, Halaba Special Woreda Women & Children’s Affairs Office, Halaba Special Woreda Agricultural & Natural Resource Development Office, Halaba Special Woreda Environmental Protection and Forestry Office and the community.

The project intends to directly reach 37,500 beneficiaries.

The Major Activities of the Project include:


    • Inter-Community Conversation on Climate Change Impacts, Gender and Climate Change, Climate Change Adaptation and Role of Women in Climate Change Mitigation.
    • Training of community members including religious leaders and cultural gate keepers on threats of climate change and, adaptation and resilience measures.
    • Providing trainings and technical support farmers in improved soil fertility management techniques.
    • Training of government partners on gender focused climate change impacts, adaptation and mitigation.
    • Organizing village level women discussion groups on environmental protection and sanitation.
    • Preparing and printing posters, fliers and bill boards
    • Supporting local mass media and school mini-media to broadcast climate change adaptation and mitigation education
    • Piloting testing and identify one best climate smart agricultural technologies
    • Supporting farmers training centers  to demonstrate and women train farmer
    • Establishing seed bulking centers of selected drought tolerant crops to ensure sustainable supply and access of seeds to targeted farmers
    • Developing mechanism for product aggregating and marketing
    • Providing training and technical support in improved soil fertility management techniques
    • Undertaking area closers for enhanced natural reintegration and production of biomass
    • Providing of alternative energy saving technologies such as energy saving stoves, solars and biogas plants.
    • Providing alterative income generating activities.
    • Establishing new/ upgrade existing  nurseries, produce Seedlings for A/R and woodlots
    • Organizing climate change adaptation discussion plat forms


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