Community Action on Gender

  • Project Title: Partnership for Community Action to Combat Gender Based Violence.

  • About the Project:  This project is designed to mitigate the physical and psychological harms that girls and women face in the pastoral communities of South Omo through building the capacity of Women in different strategies. This project is funded by AmlifyChange

  • Implementing Agency: Center of Concern (COC)

  • Executing Agency: Funding Agency: AmplifyChange

  • South Omo Zone Finance and Economic Development Department

  • South Omo Zone Women and Children Affairs Department

  • Project Location:  South Omo Zone, SNNPRS, Ethiopia

  • Project Duration: July,2016 toJune,2018

  • Debub Ari Woreda

  • Bena TsemayWoreda

  • SelamangoWoreda 

  • Project Beneficiaries:

  • Direct: 128,958 different community members

  • Indirect: 272,866 community members

  • Major Activities of the Project

  • Facilitate different trainings for community members, religious leaders, government stakeholders and other

  • Facilitate Community Conversation

  • Conduct Advocacy campaigns

  • Establishing anti-GBV Network and referral linkage

  • Conduct awareness creation campaign through Radio programs

  • Enact local bylaws

  • Produce and disseminate booklet

  • Develop and share regular GBV fact sheets.


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