Children Transition Home

The Children Transition Home Project is one of the projects of CoC where institutional care and support is provided for the OVC until they became self-reliant. This project has been under implementation since 2010 with the financial support of Edget Baandnet Children’s Center (Based in Germany). The overall objective of the project is to enhance the welfare of girls, orphan and vulnerable children so that they grow in a conducive environment, be able to attend their regular education. Specifically the project aims to provide integrated institutional care and support(shelter, food, medical, education etc)  for orphan and vulnerable children, Reunifying and reintegrating children with their families and/or relatives, Provide scholarship supports (financial support) for  best performing girls having financial constraints and Provide scholarship supports (financial support) for youths supporting themselves by engaged on shoe shining and attending their education in the evening program.

The Major Activities of the Project Include:

  • Provide integrated institutional care and support (shelter, food, medical, educational, tutorial, school fees, school materials, clothing, recreational etc.) for OVCs.
  • Providing scholarship support to deserving students.
  • Provide scholarship support to youth supporting themselves by engaging on shoe shining and attending their education during evening program.
  • Provide sport and recreational activities at the center.


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