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Amanuel bekel is from wolayita zone, he is 13 years old. He was grade five students, he is orphaned which mean he lost his father and mother b/c of death due to disease even, he may not unknown disease type and his living area was rural and too far from hawassa city even his family died when he is too kid and he is the only child for his family i.e. when he was 8 years old, he lost his DAD & MOM.  at that time his grand families take care of him for 5 years by giving love and affection. During that time, he was attending class till 5grade and he was excellent student in academic, well discipline. As he said, his grand families are economically well. The cause for him being on the street due to peer pressure. At school, he and his friends were discussing about hawassa city and how to go to. His friend has false information about hawassa city. They always discussed to go hawassa and can earn money easily rather than that.

One day after class they said, we are going to hawassa, if you want, you can join us. During that, he has no time to think. He simply joins and come to hawassa city. After he came to here in hawassa, he faced a lot of problems like unable to get food easily, he feel loneliness, no shelter, hited by gangisters,and he engaged in substance uses like local alcohol, chewing chat, smoking cigarette,   engaged in criminal case in order to fulfill this things, he is doing either begging or thief of someone . During he stay at street, he become un hygienic and he has coughing problem for 1 week due to this case he feel lonliness, disturbed, depressed, sleeping disturbance due to he is using different substances in order to avoid the stressful situation for a sec of moment and the situation was worth. By doing these things, he stayed on the street for the last 18 months.

Once up on a time a person who came and contact me by introducing himself from center of concern staff and invite me to COC to accesses DIRC service.  In the first time, when he came to DIRC and he got orientation about the DIRC service, and accessed sanitary materials, medical service( he got medical checkup from adare hospital and his health status is free from any disease), Even he got Health Education session on HIV/AIDS, Reproductive Health and hygiene & Sanitation. Finally he brought good behavior in all rounded which mean he improved health seeking behavior, he had Good communication skill

Finally, based on the interest of him, reunified to his grand families and he was attending class, and living to them, due to the reunified of him, he  feel sense of protection.


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