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School Improvement

School Improvement Program to Empower Young Girls

School Improvement Program to Empower Young Girls Project is a one and half year project years project (01 November 2013-30 April 2016) implemented in partnership with Initiative Africa and solely funded by SIDA (Sweden International Development Cooperation Aid) – which primarily aims to improve the entrepreneurial skills and the overall physical learning environment, with a particular focus on quality education infrastructures [including girl-friendly sanitary infrastructure]. The Project will provide 53,503 adolescent students [28,503 girls and 25,000 boys] in 17 schools in Hawassa City Administration, Halaba Special Woreda and Sidama Zone of SNNPRs with access to quality education and improved sanitary facilities as well as developing healthy behaviours, reducing health inequalities, and promoting social inclusion.The project life time total budget is 4,677,000.00 ETB.

The major intervention components of the project are; to help design and publish modules containing instructional materials, learning activities, and check-up exercises designed to teach high school students key elements of entrepreneurship; to Improve understanding of 7,000 students (4,000 girls and 3,000 boys) in 17schools on how they would develop their own businesses; Introduce the BaLA ideas in 13 schools based on the pedagogical and girls needs in their respective schools and Improve school facilities to address girls issue within the school compound through girls leadership center construction, repair out of order toilets and related sanitary infrastructures and other activities.