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Child Empowerment and Protection

Donor: GOAL ETHIOPA (Irish Aid and Almaero Foundation)

About the Project:  This project works for the street living children and youth living on the streets of Hawassa City who came from different corners of the Country. These children are vulnerable for various social and economic problems. The project aims to rehabilitate them from the problems and provides different exist options. This project has been under implementation since 2012 with the financial support of GOAL Ethiopia.

General Objective:  Reducing Vulnerability of Street Children and Youth (SLCYS) through providing integrated services and multiple entry point for reintegration 
Specific Objectives

·        Strengthen the street-based (informal) protection system

·        Support children in their exit strategies from the street and integration into mainstream society

·        Improve the access of children to formal protection services by creating an enabling environment for street-based children