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Women & Girls Empowerment

Empowerment of Women is high on the agenda in development plans and policies due to its significant impact to improve lives of community in need. Through time CSOs have proved to have the potential to facilitate the process of empowerment among women. The approach encompasses a few key elements such as power, autonomy and self-reliance, entitlement, participation, awareness development and capacity building. 

The intervention is designed with the aim of helping women to strengthen their economic independence in our operation regions. Its implementation is based on a strong partnership with local, national associations in the countries concerned and their respective ministries. Its design embraces a holistic view contemplating three levels of intervention: on a macro level, it intends to facilitate the policy dialogue between the key stakeholders in order to promote women entrepreneurship; on the meso level, the goal is to strengthen the capacities of regional professional women’s associations so that they are able to contribute to an environment conducive to the development of women’s entrepreneurship; finally, on the micro level, it promotes training, coaching, identification and facilitation of business partnerships opportunities and access to finance.