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Child Care and Support Interventions

Early Childhood Intervention is services for young children with developmental delays, disabilities, atypical behaviors, social and emotional difficulties, or young children who are very likely to develop a delay before school entry.

Services are based on the family priorities and the childs needs, and are delivered in the childs natural environment including the home, inclusive childcare center, kindergarten, community center, play-groups, and other settings where children without disabilities can be found. Intervention turns everyday interactions into opportunities for children to learn, grow and develop while helping alleviate family stress.

Early Childhood Intervention is important because it allows children with delays or disabilities to become full and active members of their societies. Intervention helps avoid socially and financially costly alternatives still common in some countries, such as life in an institution.

Early Childhood Intervention supports child rights. This means that every child has the right to grow up in a family, to develop and participate to the maximum extent possible, and to receive support when a delay or disability is present. Intervention prevents abandonment; without support parents are much more likely to abandon a child with a disability. It is also cost effective; at least one out of three children who receive early childhood intervention do not need special education when they reach school age, three out of four make greater than expected progress.