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Peace Building and Conflict Management

Being geographically located in the Horn of Africa with numerous conflict history and preceding impacts, Ethiopia has been suffering from conflict and related issues. Simultaneously there is a growing urge for economic development and culmination of concatenated years long instability and poverty. However, Conflict prevention and conflict resolution are important mechanisms that enable collective responsibility towards achieving Sustainable Development Goal 16 /Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions/. This is part of the Sustainable Development Goals and Agenda 2030, a long-term plan of action for all people and all nations aiming to tackle global issues. Meanwhile peace building is essential and important for the prevention of war and effective peace building is a crucial component of prevention.

Regardless of being a relatively new concept in the development and international relations sphere, conflict prevention is demanded, and its importance is emphasized by international organizations and researchers as it is cost-effective compared to post-conflict rebuilding, saves lives and safeguards development and democratic gains. This situation is similar in CoC operation country, Ethiopia, and regions we have been working so far. The conflict prevention sphere has its own challenges; however there is an understanding that a culture of prevention requires a variety of state and non-state actors. Even though the primary responsibility for preventive actions 5 rests on states, within the quickly changing global landscape and dynamics of the conflicts they become not the only actor. Contemporary conflict prevention requires inclusion, cooperation and coordination of actors on different level: national, regional and international.

Inclusive prevention entails strengthening the capacity of different groups of society, including civil society. That is why CoC has been taking different measures to take part in  alleviating this problem.