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New Project Launching: Reaching Every Child with Immunization in Humanitarian Settings

Center of Concern in partnership with the International Rescue Committee (IRC) launched a project entitled Reaching Every Child in Humanitarian Settings with Immunization in 6 districts of Borena Zone in Oromia Regional State and Konso and Amaro Zones of Southern Regional State to be implemented from August 1/2023-March 31/2023. The objectives of the project is to ensure systematically missed communities and Zero Dose Children in targeted fragile and conflict affected districts are sustainably reached by quality immunization integrated with primary health care platforms so as to contribute to the reduction of child morbidity and mortality rate in targeted districts. The target districts of the project are Guchi, Dubuluk and Moyale Woredas of Borena Zone, Karat Zuria Woreda and Segen Zuria Woreda of Konso Zone and Amaro Zone in the South Region.The project targeted 9577(4693 Male & 4884 Female) Zero Dose Children of which 7629 (79.6%) are in Oromia and the rest 1948 (20.4%) children are in South Region.

The project was officially launched on November 12-15/2023 at the town of Yabello and Karat town of Konso Zone with the presence of concerned government line sectors including NGOs and community representatives. In the launching workshop the goal of the project, the major activities to be carried out in the project period, implementation modalities and roles and responsibilities of the stakeholders in enhancing partnership, ensuring coordination for the successful implementation of the project were presented and discussed. The participants underscored that targeted districts faced different humanitarian crisis such as conflict, drought and COVID-19 pandemic. These Humanitarian crises caused over all instability and fragility affecting regular health intervention especially maternal and child health services leading to  high number of Zero Dose Children and under immunized children within the affected community and expressed that the project is relevant and it will be a good opportunity to reach vulnerable and marginalized Children with immunization. Participants of the workshop unanimously agreed to extend all the necessary support for the successful implementation of the project.