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Handover of Classroom Blocks (PCF)

Center of Concern handed over 1 block of newly constructed block of class rooms and 4 blocks of reconstructed class rooms on February 10, 2024 in Kure, Kaysa, Giste, Dizi Ama, Baytsemal and in Obox Primary Schools of Backodawula and Bena Tsemay Districts of South Omo Zone. The blocks were constructed with the generous financial support of Pestalozzi Children’s Foundation (PCF) and with the active participation of the community. The handover was made in the presence of respective communities, school communities, PCF Country Team, South Omo Zone, Bena Tsemay and Backodawula district government representatives and CoC representatives and project staff. The blocks were constructed from March 2023 to December 2023 to improve the school environment, improve student class room ration and improve the quality of education. During the process, the respective communities actively participated through contributing construction inputs such as sand, stone and labour. The class room blocks are also furnished with combined desks and blackboards.

The community representatives, school principals, students and government representatives appreciated CoC and PCF for significantly changing the school environment and making it child friendly. The PCF Country Director in his speech, expressed his appreciation for the active participation of the community during the construction process and the technical support made by the district education offices. He also emphasized the proper use, regular follow up and maintenance of the class room blocks and ensure longer life of the blocks to benefit the children.

CoC is implementing the “Enhancing Access to Quality Primary Education” project with the financial support of PCF since 2017 with the objective to improve the quality of education in primary schools of Bena Tsemay and Backodawula Districts through improving school environment, building the capacity of teachers and enhancing the participation of the community. Construction of Classroom blocks, renovation of deteriorated class rooms, construction of sex segregated latrines, supply of school furniture etc. are among the major activities of the project. A total of 4 blocks of class rooms are newly constructed and 7 class room blocks are renovated and similarly handed