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Human Rights, Democracy and Good Governance

A peaceful and productive society will be ensured and exist if effective state institutions effectively excising democracy and good governance and protecting human rights for citizens. Existence of good governance means effective and efficient structures which provide optimal support to citizens in leading a safe and productive life in line with desires and opportunities.  

Ethiopia is in a political reform process with promising progress towards the development of democracy and the protection of human rights. But, the country is still with immature democracy, poor governance and human rights issues are not well addressed that peace and security is not ensured, people are not fully exercising their democratic, political and human rights, interethnic intolerance and hence ethnic based violence and internal displacement are prevalent across the country turning out to a state of threatening integrity of the nation.  Currently, the situation is aggravated as law enforcement action is underway in the north and North West parts of the region and a serious of human right violation and displacement are increasingly reported. In addition, Ethiopia planned to conduct the 6th national election in June and this may an aggravating factor of the current human right, democracy and governance issues.

Center of Concern is concerned about human rights, democracy and good governance and strives to the improvement of such situations. The new civil society legislation also created a conducive environment for the civil society organizations and other stakeholders to engage in the promotion of human right, democracy, good governance, civic education, voters’ education and observation.