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Emergency Response to IDPs in North Gondar

Conflict in the Northern Part of the country triggered massive displacements of people to nearby Zones and weredas. North Gondar zone of Amhara Region is one of the Areas hosting many IDPs. The IDPs have been living in Temporary shelters and in host communities. However, the IDPs are exposed to multiple problems including shortage of Food, Health, shelter and WaSH Services. In Response to these problems, Center of Concern (CoC) has implemented a delivery and distribution of food and non-food items for Internally Displaced People through the support from the Canadian Fund for Local Initiative (CFLI) and the Malala Fund. The CFLI project has benefited 400 Households displaced and sheltered in Debark temporary IDP sites and those sheltered within the host community in Debark town, Whereas  the support from Malala Foundation targeted 300 girls-focused Households in Debark, Dabat and Zarema.

In these Emergency Response Interventions, essential Food Items such as Enriched pasta/macaroni, rice, Powder milk, edible oil, Iodized Salt, Cerefam and spices were provided.  Moreover, Essential Non- Food Items including washing basin, Jercan, Bucket, soap, dignity kit (Sanitary Pads; Underwear; Body soap; Women Fabric), water treatment chemicals, blankets, mattress, sanitizers, face masks, dippers, pajamas and pants were distributed to the IDPS. Throughout all the phases of the Response action, CoC has maintained collaboration and coordination of relevant stakeholders. Accordingly, concerned Government Sector Offices, NGOs and the right holders (displaced community) have involved in the local beneficiary selection Exercise and Verifications, developing Joint review of targeting criteria, targeting committee, establishment of complaint handling committee, Identifying  suitable distribution center/s and make ready, orientation of distribution assistants and in post-distribution monitoring and evaluation activities.